Shri Marudhar kesri Balika Sanskrit Teacher's Training School is organized by Sanjay Shiksha Samiti, which is working for the development and promotion of Education among the masses of India.
SSS was established in 1965 and since inception main focus is on full time quality education programme.The motive of the society is to spread the feel & Zeal of Literacy and Information Technology in the region. The Institutional strategy was to facilitate student of every class and age group with various courses. The society also worked on the basis of IT awareness between the masses. The Institute do brought the good quality education in a genuine reach of a lower and lower middle class students. The society gradually involved along with its team work. The team strength and quality of the soceity led us towards many remarkable achievements in a very short period of time.


Shri Marudhar Kesri Balika Sanskrit Teacher's Training School has an adequate number of library books: 3096


Shri Marudhar Kesri Balika Sanskrit Teacher's Training School has an adequate number of library books: 3096


Indoor Games
a. Chess
b. Caroms
c. Badminton
d. Table Tennis

Outdoor Games
a. Volleyball
b. Handball
c. Kho-kho
d. Kabaddi
e. Dumbels


SSS has three major labs in its premises :
Science Labs
Chemistry Lab has these materials and resources -

Chemistry Labs
1. Ammonium Chloride 2. Copper sulphate 3. Sulphuric Acid
4. Pipette 20 ml Volumetric 5. Filter Paper 12.5 cm disc 6. Litmus paper Red/blue
7. Tripod Stand Iron 8'' 8. Funnel 9. Test tube 5'' X5/8
10. Flask Conical 11. Beaker 250 ml Capacity Glass 12. Glass trough 8''
13. Dropping Bottle 30 ml capacity 14. Reagent Bottle 125 ml Cap 15. V.U.L-tube
16. Lair Gauge in frome 17. Burette Stand 8'' X5'' with clam brass oxidize 18. Burette 80ml capacity pinch clip type

Physics Labs

1. Newton's coiling law apparatus 2. Prism glass 50 X50 3. Resistance box 1-800
4. Thermometer 110c 5. Lens Concave/convex 6. Mirror
7. Lead accumulator 8. Rheostat 9. Ammeter DC with stand
10. Voltmeter with stand 11. Galvanometer (30-0-30) 12. Bob set pendulum
13. Comase waddle both side glass 14. Bar magnet 15. Lac lanche cell
16. Daniel Cell 17. Thermometer maximum & minimum 18. Dynamo Model